Within the Shadows (A Shadow World Novel Book 1)


By Julieanne Lynch


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Living on the razor’s edge, Giselle Bergman’s life is torn apart by her cheating boyfriend. Little does she realize that he is the least of her worries when her long term friend, Alex, reveals a secret long hidden, and introduces her to his family and a new, darker world; a world of lies, deceit and corruption.


Thrown from one problem straight into another, the razors edge gets thinner and sharper, testing Giselle’s sanity and vitality. Never truly knowing who her allies are, Giselle soon learns not to trust anyone, not even herself.


How far will Giselle run to escape what fate has dealt her?


Will she truly be free from the shadows that not only want her soul, but have her reborn as their Queen?


Join Giselle on a journey that is only beginning…


Not even she can hide when living within the shadows.


** Publisher’s note: Not recommended for readers under 16 years of age.



Within the Shaddows is an amazing story full of love, lust, betrayal and finally, joy of joys, a female character with some backbone.
Giselle, is your average teenage girl, in a relationship when her world is turned upside down. She fights again and again and as she does, you become more invested in the story, until when it ends, you shout out, damn you I want more.
It is not your average vampire story and brings a refreshing new take to the world of vampires. The characters are well developed and intrigue from the word go and the story doesn't stop for you to catch your breath. It will astound, amaze and bewitch you.
Julieanne is a talent to be reckoned with and this is definitely a story to watch out for as I expect great things from this author and this triology.
Eagerly anticipiting book two :) xxx

Stacem from Amazon

Can't get enough

This book was a page turner, I couldn't get enough and wanted to know what was next. This book is about a girl, a typical High School senior who after being humiliated by her than boyfriend retaliates with a bit of help from her best friend, Alex. Than she gets thrown into a world she didn't really even know existed with Vampires, and shadow creatures that all say she is the person who is to save both of their races. I couldn't put this down, also it ends on a cliffhanger and makes me want more, I can't wait to read the next book.

VampireSin from Amazon

Compelling, intelligent, and fun!

Reading Within the Shadows was a true delight! I absolutely loved the character Giselle, and readily identified with her from the outset, feeling betrayed and seeking solace. I had to keep turning the page to find out what would happen to her. I love reading a good story with a strong heroine. Furthermore, Alex’s revelation to her was more than satisfying: It left me mouth-gaping, all agog! Yet it also revealed a whole new way of looking at vampiric lore. Absolutely brilliant! Lynch not only redesigns the rules for these supernatural beings, but she also develops a world wherein I would want to live. Julieanne Lynch is a truly gifted writer. Her story is compelling, intelligent, and fun. It’s my kind of story. I am utterly looking forward to reading the next book. Well done!

Becket from Amazon


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