Vespertine (The Sun Born Book 1)


By Cecily Flynn


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Ana lost her breath. This was happening. This beautiful, strange, silver-eyed boy was actually asking her to believe he was her fate. She gazed at him, his pale skin even paler in the gathering dark, his eyes shining like wolves’ eyes, his rosy lips… Something about him did seem a little familiar. But if she kissed him now, she’d only be giving him an answer she wasn’t yet ready to give…


From the pretty river cutting through it, to its grand old houses, and Delaquire Hall – the elite boys’ private school up on the ridge – Cold Water is pretty much the perfect, sleepy small town.


But sixteen year old Holly has known her whole life that something just isn’t right in Cold Water, and when new girl Ana arrives – and quickly wins the heart of a handsome Dela boy – Holly starts to realize that her hometown’s secrets run much deeper, and much, much darker than she could have ever imagined.
As Ana gets swept away by the perfect romance, and Holly edges closer to the truth, a terrifying portrait begins to unfold. One that ties Cold Water to a mad doctor, four doomed young writers, a summer in Geneva two centuries ago, and a creature whose appetite for love—and vengeance—is legendary!


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