The Way of Wisdom for Diabetes

By Kenneth R. Ellis, M.S.


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What is the best diet or meal plan to maintain good blood glucose levels? This book includes that information and much more like how to stay motivated to follow the plan. This book is an introduction to the powerful principles of God’s wisdom from the biblical book of Proverbs. The purpose of The Way of Wisdom is to introduce fundamental principles for living or proverbs so that they can be used to provide hope, strength, and a compelling motivation to do the things we need to do on a daily basis!


This book is intended to build a greater sense of hope for better health and well-being! Inside are uplifting and encouraging examples from real people, humorous and heart-breaking stories, and impelling guidelines for diabetes management. Inserted from God’s wisdom in Proverbs are principles that will build a positive attitude for confidence to meet the daily challenges of living with diabetes. The Way of Wisdom is written to provide motivation, not for just a day, but for a lifetime!


Emotional Rescue

As a social scientist and professor of human development, I'm very happy to see a "how to" book that focuses on the psychology of making choices in daily life. Factual information delivered to someone who is trying to live well doesn't address the emotion and impulse that can often dominate our behavior. The Way of Wisdom offers an insightful, inspiring, empathic voice of support. This book is a great resource for those with diabetes as well as those in the helping professions who want to promote health in those they serve.

Dr. O

Great read for anyone

Whether a diabetic or not, Mr. Ellis has provided factual information for staying healthy. The "sticktuitiveness" provided by scripture is inspirational and encouraging. The examples of real life diabetics is powerful. As the facilitator of our church library, I plan to include a copy of this book for membership use.

Janice from Amazon

52 Years of Surviving Diabetes

Ken's book is collection of easy to understand and useful information for someone who is newly diagnosed or too long familiar with this challenging disease. Ken has 52 years of personal life experience as a Diabetic and chairs numerous support groups and workshops throughout the year to help average people learn the importance of managing their blood glucose (BG) levels.

Ken provides practical and common sense insight into a variety of topics that diabetics have concern with, ie... diet, exercise, medication, emotional and spiritual concerns and MORE! Ken shares Christian wisdom from the book of Proverbs with each topic and helps the reader feel empowered to make better choices to manage BG today! Ken does not give the reader a list of DON'Ts. He teaches the diabetic HOW TO AVOID THE COMPLICATIONS that are always lurking in the future.

I had the opportunity to purchase the book directly from Ken, and I'm pleased to see it available on Amazon, where it can reach to the hands of needy readers. I give the book 5 stars, because Ken is a 52 year survivor of Diabetes, so he really knows his stuff! He is a role model to those with Diabetes, living by example. Ken's gentle nature and inspiring wisdom have given me useful tools to help me to stay focused on managing my own Diabetes, and to not beat myself up when I fall off course. I can do it, and so can you!!

Kim S. Blanton from Amazon



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