The Screaming God: A Novel of The Godslayer

By J.A. Coppinger


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The Godslayer does one thing and he does it well. When some damn fool stands up and declares himself a god, Slayer shoves a few feet of sharpened steel through him to see if the godling can miracle himself back to health.  Not one has risen to the challenge. 


Godslayer, is the latest and –-by his own lights– greatest in a line of heroes that kill anyone foolish enough to proclaim themselves a god. Catrina, is the Lady Ambassador Godslayer must take along on his next mission as both guide and . . . well, baby-sitter! Godslayer is not pleased but he figures to lose the wench somewhere along the way. The mission is simple: cross the ocean, find the god, discover how he’s growing blockbuster crops in the middle of a drought before killing him, and return said secret to their employers. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! 



Good Start to the Series!

The GodSlayer – what an arrogant jerk! At first, I loved to hate this guy, but slowly throughout the story he got more likeable. There were some minor issues I had with this story, but overall it was very enjoyable. It was funny at times, and disturbing at other times. The budding relationship between Cat and the GodSlayer (a.k.a. Sherman) was fun and interesting. Cat was written as a strong female and that kept me reading this book. I look forward to more adventures with Cat and the GodSlayer. This story has the potential to be a very good series.
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads and the author in exchange for an honest review.

Barbara from Amazon

 Very rarely have I ever read a book that would ...

Very rarely have I ever read a book that would make me laugh out loud. I found it to be a witty tale, well told. High praise for the Godslayer. May we see more of his adventures soon. Read it. You shall not regret doing so.
Mark Fitzgerald from Amazon

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