The Quest for Juice (Paranoia Book 1)


By Jonathan-David Jackson


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Oscar has always lived a life of quiet paranoia, but now everything is changing. Suddenly, the bus is frequently late, his housekeys won’t fit in the lock, and someone has taken his juice, which was the one thing holding his life together. He strikes back against the people behind it all, but when he strikes too hard an innocent man ends up dead, and Oscar ends up in jail, diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and facing life in a mental institution. On his journey to mental health and the truth, he has to make hard decisions about medication, trusting his own mind, dating a nurse, and whether that hedgehog can actually talk.


Exceptional creativity rendered through the eyes of schizophrenia… or maybe someone who is sane.

Considering myself a creative person (a novelist myself and a retired architect) I marveled from the wild and entertaining creativity contained in the pages of The Quest for Juice. Mr. Jackson weaves a plot (that could also classify the genre as fantasy) filled with humor, suspense and what one believes is the mind-set of a paranoid schizophrenia into a delightful read. As I started reading I wondered if the author was a mentally deranged individual or possibly a medical professional who has cared for them. I was not prepared for the surprise twists encountered helping to keep the pages turning.I definitely recommend Mr. Jackson’s novel as an enjoyable read.

Terry L. Wilson from Amazon

An excellent title for an excellent book

Once I saw the cover, and the tagline I knew I had to have this book. I still prefer holding a book versus digital, and put a lot of value into the feel of the book itself. This book is awesome as a complete package. I was so excited to begin reading it, I thought it would be an interesting read with some dark comedy, but hopefully with a deeper plot under it and I wasn't disappointed. I rarely, if ever, actually LOL, but this book had me literally laughing out loud often enough to annoy my wife trying to read next to me. The 3 sections of the book almost read like different books all together, achieving different things in the story, with different undertones and style. Such a fun and surprising read, it is one of my favorites in my collection. Once I learned the author had self published this novel and was doing this all his own I was even more impressed and even dare say inspired. My friends are a wide range of readers, with a wide range of tastes, and I have recommended it to all of them. I do the same to you, read this book, it has everything...Paranoia, Deception, Murder, Hedgehogs, Juice...I mean seriously? How great is that?

Trevor McCue from Amazon


What fun what frolic. Paranoia - paranoia - paranoia. Funny - funny - funny...; well, anyway, whatever, how come, that's that, whenever, so what, over there, that's it, hey, wild crazy, bad news, bent, cast an eyeball, chrome plated, cranked, fake out, go ape, goopy, Illuminations, nowhere, pooper, radioactive, square, wazoo; that about does it. Going nowhere man, but, The Quest for Juice is funny and overtly entertaining, at times a bit crowded and frolicking, but it was funny and creative.

Ben Campbell from Amazon



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