The Pact: Nikki & Kenny Book 1


By Juliann Vatalaro


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Nikki Vataro knew from a very young age that she was different from the other kids. She was smarter than the others were. Sometimes even smarter than her teachers. She always stood up for the underdog. She excelled  at everything she tried, especially basketball. Most of all she had a family that loved and encouraged her. That is what was important. That is all she needed or wanted. Then in a blink of an eye, her family was gone. Left alone at only eleven years old she was lost. With no one to help her control all her gifts she made some bad decisions. Decisions that landed her in juvenile detention for three and a half years.


Now at seventeen, she is free to start a new life. She must now figure out how to deal with the pressure of being a teenager with a past, on her own, and in a new town. Unknown to her as she walks out of the gate, she will not be heading out alone. Four of her father’s fraternity brothers will be there to help her along the way.


The first person Nikki meets turns out to be the one that helps her the most. Kenny is the boss’s son. Good looking, smart, and athletic, he has everything going for him. Together they fight to make it through an intense senior year of high school.


Can she overcome her past mistakes? Can she learn how to trust again? Can she learn to be part of a family again? Can she learn to love again?


a must read!

Amazing novel! It's the story of Nikki Vataro who has many gifts, despite all these talents she has had a rough life. At the young age of 11 she became an orphan and was forced to survive on the streets in New York City. The book takes place 6 years later when she is 17 and entering a new town. She faces many new obstacles that will be even more difficult then the ones in her past. There is romance, drama, comedy, action and friendship all included. This book is an absolute page turner, it will keep you on your feet and wanting more. You become intrigued within the first few pages, it will hold your attention the whole way through! This is also an excellent book for many ages as well; just because she is a 17 year old girl does not mean you have to be 17 to read it. I would absolutely recommend anyone to read this book, you will not regret it. I was honestly amazed at how the book touched my heart. You feel like you know each character personally. The book consumes you in a great way.

Zcottone from Amazon

Interesting and Witty..a page turner..

As Juliann Vatalaro"s debut novel "The Pact" is truly enjoyable. Left as an orphan at eleven you see the path Nikki's life takes. At 17, Nikki has many decisions to make for her life ahead. She is not only athletically talented, but also smart and witty which you see as the story unfolds.

"The Pact" has hidden "circunstances" that is a page turner that keeps the readers interest.

Looking foward to a sequel from Juliann Vatalaro.

maryann cottone from Amazon

Very Entertaining

Although I am not a big fiction reader, The Pact was a book that kept me entertained and
wondering what was going to happen next. Nikki, who gives a first-person account of her
experiences, is both interesting and well developed. Her 'can do' attitude and
subtle weaknesses left me guessing what was next. The book moved along at a
pleasant pace and the variety of interesting characters made for very enjoyable reading.

I highly recommend this book.

John Noble from Amazon

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