The Muse


By Suzie Carr


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Jane Knoll doesn’t realize it yet, but life is about to take a daring turn. For the past decade, Jane’s been able to recapture her sense of peace after years of being bullied. By day she edits marketing jargon, by night she watches television reruns with her gay neighbor, Larry. She’s comfortable. Then, after she meets her new coworker, Eva, television reruns are no longer an option. Too shy to get to know Eva in real life, Jane creates an online alter ego and starts to follow her on Twitter.


Face-to-face, Jane is nothing more than Eva’s nondescript, clumsy co-worker—a social catastrophe. But, behind the safety of her laptop screen, she becomes confident and empowered with purpose and talent. The two hit it off, and what forms is an undeniable creative union, one with the ability to positively change many lives.


There’s just one major problem standing in the way, though. Can she fulfill her purpose and make a change in the world living the rest of her life as an alter ego? Is she brave enough to reveal her true identity and risk squandering all she’s gained by it?


This book delves into the dramatic world of women in love, anti-bullying, sexuality, social psychology, and social anxiety.



It's hard to imagine a heart pounding romance could be interwoven into such a painful topic, but she truly nailed that as well,

I just finished reading it, and of all the thousands of books I've read in my lifetime, this one made my favorites list. I was honestly blown away from start to finish. Her writing style was so expressive, not only could she convoy the meaning behind the words but the imagery she invoked was true poetry. The story deeply moved me, so deeply I often needed to wipe the tears from my eyes, so I could continue to see her words. The subject matter of bullying is a hard one. She not only delved into the pain of a victim but also of the perpetrator. It's hard to imagine a heart pounding romance could be interwoven into such a painful topic, but she truly nailed that as well. Suzie, thank you for one of the most amazing reads I've ever experienced.

Barbara605 from Amazon


"The Muse" is nothing short of brilliant. Ms Carr deftly puts you in the head of Jane Knoll, a woman with a past that, for too long, has walled her in. She's tantalized by the arrival of Eva Handel, and creates a new, online persona for her, a new woman that she desperately would like to be. Carr's dynamic storytelling takes you on a journey where Jane reconciles with her past, resolves her present, and is set on a path to a beautiful future.

The characters in "The Muse" are compelling and convincing. Carr's pacing is spot-on. I found myself moved to tears multiple times--and unable to put it down.

Thank you for such an imaginative and engaging tale!

Sean Kelly from Amazon

What a read

Just read the Muse and what a brilliant read.Susie Carr has written a book that makes you really think about the issues that Bullying causes. It can destroy people but also how it may take a long time for each individual to overcome what they have been through,if they ever do.
The fact that the character was a bully before and one of the girls commited suicide because of it,And then her best friend turned against her after reading her diary about her feeling for her.It can destroy families to.
This book is harrowing/sad/funny/love story. The author makes one think and one wonders if this happened for her to be so detailed and descripted. This is a MUST READ BOOK for me a *****stars would give it more if one could.

Monica Czuba from Amazon

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