The Ghost of Marlow House (Haunting Danielle Book 1)


By Anna J. McIntyre and Bobbi Holmes


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When Danielle Boatman inherits Marlow House, she dreams of turning it into a seaside bed and breakfast. Since she’s never visited the property, Danielle’s not sure what awaits her in Oregon. She certainly doesn’t expect to find one of the house’s previous owners still in residence. After all, the man has been dead for almost ninety years—shouldn’t he have moved on by now?


Charming Walt Marlow convinces Danielle the only way he can move on is if she solves the mystery of his death. Danielle soon discovers her real problems may come from the living—those who have their sights on Marlow House’s other secrets.



You Won't Want to Put This One Down

I almost didn't order this book because of some of the reviews. I'm glad that I did anyway. . I haven't been able to put this book down since I started reading it this morning. This story runs at a good clip....and it's very interesting. I, unlike others, did not think of the Ghost and Mrs Muir. This was completely modern and totally different and far more interesting. While the idea of ghosts is in itself a bit "out there," the story was very plausible... logical... and about the way you might interact with a ghost assuming you could get over the initial fear and shock should you see one. The main characters are extremely normal. The main character and her side-kick are not scatter brained nor given to illogical actions. There are no exaggerated personality disorders. There's, nothing to make feel you've stretched your believability too far, not one boring won't skip one single sentence. I ordered the second book in this series without even reading the synopsis, nor any of the comments just minutes ago. I'm holding myself back from starting on it until the laundry is about suffering.... I can't wait to get started!! If you like cozy mysteries, and like the idea of spiritual involvement in your story... then you're not going to do any better than this. Take it from me, I've read well over 400 mysteries since I've had my Kindle just a few years ago... I have "deleted" many books from my Kindle after the first chapter or so as I just can't tolerate anything too nonsensical or droning torturous descriptions of everything...and stories that won't move. I am not easy to please. This ranks right up with one of the best reads in a long long time. Ah... the dryer just beeped.... I gotta run!
Karin from Amazon

Good Start To A Promising Series.

I had no real expectations when I picked up this book. What I got was a well written and interesting mystery with a bit of a paranormal twist. With out spoiling the book for you the main character can communicate with ghosts. Book is a clean and entertaining read. It is the set up for a series and while it can stand on it's own there is a set up for a second and I expect many more in the series. You will like the characters you are supposed to like and dislike the ones you aren't. The mystery is well presented and the pace of the book is comfortable.

I am looking forward to the next.

Doc from Amazon

Glad I found this!

Remember the really old (black and white) movie and sorta old tv series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir? Totally reminded me of shows shows. Believe it or not I bought this book on a dreary Saturday, by Thursday of the same week I have read all 3 in the series and sit here (im)patiently waiting for my pre-order of book 4. Really a great read, not easily solved by us readers. A slight bit of humor with the 100 year old mystery murder of Walt. Wsh he were my Ghost.
Connie Correll from Amazon



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