Willis CoverTeaching Lessons


By Joseph A. Willis


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We should do something revolutionary yet simple about educational reform. No pundit has suggested this concept as a solution. It has been ignored, at best and ridiculed, at worst. What is this revolutionary concept? Let teachers lead the way to educational change. We have been told that a standardized test is the way to improve education. If we only change the management style of the school, kids will learn. If we give parents choice, competition leads to greater learning. If we destroy teacher unions, learning will break out. Vouchers are the key solution. All these macro-solutions are doomed to fail.
Teaching Lessons takes the common sense position that teachers are the key to improving education. Teachers work at the micro level. They are the people that do the teaching. Listen to the teachers and let them organize instruction at the classroom level to build more effective schools. They understand the nuts and bolts of how students actually learn. Build our schools out from the classroom level. Place the responsibility for learning with the people that know the most about teaching and learning.
Teaching Lessons takes the radical step of focusing on making a real difference in the educational system. It is time to get on with the business of helping students learn.



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