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As an author, I realize how difficult it can be to get published. For this reason, I  created Luminous-Expressions.org as a way to assist authors in fulfilling their dreams to have their literary works read and appreciated by others. My passion is to help others realize their dreams by creating a free website to showcase your literary talent.


Authors are invited to post the first chapter of their book for the public to read. If a person reads your first chapter and wishes to purchase your book, then they may use the link at the end of your chapter that you provide to order your book. The online publishing forum we recommend is Amazon Kindle (although you can use whatever you want). It is free to add your book to Amazon Kindle and you can receive up to 70% in royalties. (As with any contract – read all the fine print before signing with any eBook publisher).  Click here for the link to Amazon’s free self-publishing.


If you go through our site, the entire process is free to you. There are no charges or fees to use Luminous-Expressions.org and Luminous-Expressions.org takes no percentages, commissions or any other funds from you.


I have been published three times in the international bestsellers series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Those titles in which I have short stories are: Chicken Soup for the African American Woman’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Beach Lover’s Soul and Chicken Soup the Working Mom’s Soul.  I currently have an eBook on Amazon entitled Second Chances: Love renewed.  I am a native of Washington, DC and currently reside in Raleigh, NC with my wonderful husband.  I have  two amazing sons.


This site is just a way to help others, like myself, who have tried for years to get published within the big publishing houses or have tried to get an agent interested in their work.  Like you, I know I am a talented writer and my words deserve to be illuminated.


Wishing you much success as you endeavor to pursue your passion and follow your dreams.


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  1. March 31, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Bernetta, What an amazing person you are. Thank you for creating this website and reaching out to fellow authors. It IS hard to get published in hardcopy! And so discouraging. But then I discovered Amazon, and Luminous Expression. Cheers.

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