Remie I’ll Never Forget You


By Linda Kane Paavola


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Anna and Lawrence met in high school at a football game. It was ultimately love at first sight. Lawrence was two years older so he waited for Anna to graduate. They were nearly inseparable during this time. After Anna finally graduated from high school, they married. Working and college found them moving in different directions. During a trial separation, Anna found out that she was pregnant. They reunited, thinking the baby would make the difference and renew their love. Anna gave birth to identical twin girls, Pepper and Remie. After three months of trying to make the marriage work to no avail, Lawrence took one of the twins and disappeared.
Throughout life, Anna would never forget the baby girl that had been taken from her. Watch the lives of the four main characters going down totally different paths. Will Anna ever be able to find her other baby girl again? Is she still alive? Will she want to be found? Why can’t they seem to find any information about her? Is there any hope?
This is a story of living through hardship, success, tragedy, death, betrayal, fear, withdrawal, love and hope.


There is no sexual content or foul language in this book.

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