Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome


By. H. E. Roulo


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When Samantha’s brother goes missing, the trail leads to Julius Cerberon, the rich philanthropist who built a dome for the sufferers of mankind’s newest disease.


Can she really accuse the universe’s greatest humanitarian of murder?


Meanwhile, on a downtrodden planet, Trevor has the unenviable job of zombie bait. He saves his dream girl, but she is infected. He escapes to the domed utopia where the infected are quarantined until they change. Then the dome breaks and a planet’s worth of zombies invade.


And his girl could change any minute now.


What's not to love about zombies in space

What's not to love about zombies in space? The characters were well written and easy to care about, the plot was a totally fresh take on an admittedly well-worn topic, and the fast-paced action made it hard to put down. Can't wait to see where the story goes from here.
Natalie Daniels from Amazon

YA zombie love story with some big twists

Have you ever read a book that eased you into a new world? Well from the first sentence I was propelled into a story that never let me up for air. Characters who come of age while fighting for their lives is just the beginning of this gripping tail of greed, intrigue, and love. I can't wait for book 2. If it is half as thrilling as Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome then we have a huge winner! HE Roulo has created a universe worthy of young adults as well as a mature audience. I would love to be able to hear a audio version of this book. Well done, standing ovation!
Rhonda R. Carpenter from Amazon

Couldn't put it down!

I really enjoyed this book! The story was intriguing, and the characters were extremely likeable. This book is perfect for young adult and adult readers.

Maxer from Amazon

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