Pepper – Never Say Never: Book Three of the ‘Never’ Trilogy


By Linda Kane Paavola


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Pepper’s life and business in Milan was thriving. She was one of the top fashion designers in all of Europe. Major fashion industry buyers were fighting for her designs. She had high standards and some of those buyers would never, ever have her designs.


After several visits back to Waverly, South Carolina to visit her identical twin sister and her newly married mother, the peaceful little beach town was growing on her.


She was missing being nearer to her family. There was also something, or rather, someone else enticing her to Waverly, namely an irritating, egotistical, chauvinistic and rude male. She just didn’t figure that last part for a long time however.


She couldn’t leave her business and her employees high and dry. Part of her ‘family’ was in Milan with her – her best friend and ‘sister-in-heart,’ Shannon. She couldn’t leave her behind.


Unless she could figure out a way to continue her business, keep her employees working and be in Waverly all at the same time, she would be remaining in Milan.
Pepper and Shannon discussed all the options, pros and cons. What looked like could be within reach also looked like it would never be able to happen.
As time goes by and impossibilities do happen, Pepper finds that not only with work but other events, she learns to never say never.


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