Only For You


By Kate Curran


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Reunion or heartbreak––only time will tell . . . Emma Delaney has always loved Sam Parker, her childhood friend turned superstar athlete. Sam reminds her of warm sunshine, laughter and passion. In his arms, she dreamed of white picket fences and happily-ever-afters, until the day he abandoned her. She won’t fall for him again, or so she says until he comes home… Sam spent nine years trying to relieve his guilt over his brother’s death and avoid a father he disappointed, but when Emma calls to tell him his father is gravely ill and that Sam is his only hope, he returns home. Now he must face his guilt and the woman he abandoned, the woman he loves more than life, the woman he can never have—Emma.


Pulled me right in!

'Only for You' pulled me in instantly and held me close right through to the end. I loved Sam and Emma's journeys as they worked through their challenges and into each others' hearts. The small town setting with its lively community provided a personal, fun backdrop. Curran weaves a wonderful story of how we change for love and how love changes us for the better.

Lisa S from Amazon

Work for it.

Sam gets a phone call and needs to go home to the farm and a father who was disappointed in him for choosing baseball over the farm.
Emma stayed and loves the family farm. She is helping to take care of his father who is like a father to her. She loves Sam but would never have called him but to help his Dad.
They finally get Dad to agree to bone marrow transplant.
He brings a son, not biological, with him and has fallen in love with.
Him and Emma are getting along really well.
They can hopefully get their feelings back and become a couple again.
Great beach read.

Trishie from Amazon

Cheers for Only For You,

Only For You is a wonderfully heart-warming story from beginning to end. Set in the tightly-knit farming community of Defiance, Indiana, former professional athlete Sam Parker's hometown, there are plenty of fences to mend when Sam returns to face his estranged father and the woman who engineered this uneasy reunion—Emma, the girl he left behind. These are also eminently likeable characters to cheer for. Wounded and holding on to the past, can Sam and Emma embrace a new future . . . together? Can Joe, Sam’s father, accept the choices his son has made? And can Sam forgive himself for some of those choices?

Superbly crafted and filled with such rich detail to make the sights and sounds of Defiance come alive, Kate Curran’s Only For You is a delightful charmer guaranteed to leave you wanting to read more by this talented author.

Wendy Delaney from Amazon

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