Observer: The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, The Tale of America’s Highest-Ranking Military Officer Convicted of Spying (The Prison Trilogy) (Volume 2)


By Glen Aaron


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 In prison, author and retired attorney Glen Aaron was assigned Colonel George Trofimoff as his cellmate. The Colonel turned out to be the highest-ranking U.S. military officer ever convicted of spying. After initially resisting, Aaron agreed to look at the Colonel’s case with the hope of finding a reason to make an additional appeal. What Aaron found was a complete travesty of justice, an entrapment, although the American judiciary allowed it. For two years, an FBI agent had posed as a D.C. Russian Embassy representative in a sting operation designed to bribe and entrap the Colonel into exchanging what turned out to be a made-up story of espionage against America for the promise of a $45,000 payment by the “Russians.” The resulting federal trial in Tampa railroaded the Colonel into a life prison sentence. This is the second book in The Prison Trilogy by the author, and dynamically tells the story of Colonel George Trofimoff


A question of covert action

This tells a little known story of the highest ranking US military officer convicted of espionage. It also tells the story of how powerful hearsay evidence is, the difficulty with the presumed innocence Americans expect at the heart of justice, and the power of the prosecution who can lie to and about a suspect, outside of the courtroom, in order to secure evidence for a conviction. Trofimoff confesses to committing espionage in a concocted story that embellished his true crimes. His activities may or may not have been identified by a Soviet traitor we may never be sure. The book asks the reader to make up their own mind about this very sad and cautionary tale of a broken man who had everything he wanted and threw it away literally for nothing. Trofimoff is an unwitting spy whose story should be told because the crime he committed involved the delicate balance of trust and power. His failure to understand this important balance in the intelligence world led to a life sentence and an ill-defined life. This is a must read for anyone dealing with secrets at any level, government, military, corporate, or law enforcement. It is a primer in what not to do, ever.

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