Observer: Prison People; the Prison Experience

By Glen Aaron


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In 2004, author Glen Aaron was sentenced to two years in federal prison arising out of his attorney representation of a wealthy Wall Street Journal heiress and her husband. The Prison People; The Prison Experience takes you on an interesting visit with the unique inmates he met, and tells what it is like to be incarcerated in America. It is not an “oh poor me” book. Fascinating characters and a look at America’s criminal justice system brings both humor and serious introspection about how we go about legislating crime and the retribution we require as a society.


Fantastic read!


Prison People is a captivating read! Mr. Aaron tells us the cold truth of what prison life is like from the inside. He gives an honest perspective of the people he met, befriended, or simply observed. He makes no excuses for anyone there, nor for himself. The people he wrote about are real people, who would have had no voice without Mr. Aaron.
Learning about the business course he offered for inmates was pure brilliance. He developed a course designed to give other inmates real hope for a life outside of prison, helping to lower the possibility of recidivism.
It was most disheartening to read about prison counselors whose job never involved counseling prisoners. By telling the truth in a no-nonsense manner, Mr. Aaron shows specific aspects of prison life that need real reform.
A very inspirational book that showed the ups and down of an extremely difficult stage in Mr. Aaron's life, yet, always, there remained hope.

B.A. in Psychology

Robin Bollman from Amazon

An unusual and interesting book

Written from the point of view of an imprisoned attorney, this book gives you a viewpoint unlike any other I had read. It moves along quickly even though it is non fiction.

Jay W from Amazon




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