No Grits No Glory


By Elaine Calloway


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Brianna fled down South to Savannah to escape the voices of the dead. Just when she thought she’d left all paranormal things behind, she discovers her house is haunted—by a family of Southern ghosts. These persistent beings not only hide her white shoes after Labor Day, but they wreak havoc on her life to convince her to help them bring their killer to justice. Steven put Savannah in his rearview mirror years ago to follow his passion for music. When his band splits up and he can’t reach his little sister for weeks, he races home—only to learn his whole family died in a mysterious house fire. The house Brianna now lives in. Together, Brianna and Steven learn who murdered Steven’s family and become caught in a web of intrigue that will threaten their careers and their lives.


Wonderful Romantic Mystery!

I am an Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock. I give this book 4.5 Fangs.
I really like this novel by Elaine Calloway - the first in her new series Southern Ghosts.
First, the Savannah setting is perfect for a good ghost story. I spent a few months of my misspent youth wandering the streets of Savannah and this took me back!
Ms. Calloway brings us the story of Brianna, a cosmetologist for the dead. Raised in a funeral home she started seeing and talking to the dead around the age of 4. After, her brother dies in an attempt to be closer to him she moves to Savannah a city that he loved and told her stories about. When she moves into her house, she starts seeing the family that was killed there. She is a strong vibrant women trying to find her place and keep her promise to her dead brother, to make a difference.
Enter her love interest Steven, the son of the deceased family. He ran away from home as soon as he graduated high school to follow his dream of being a musician. After, a good run in California, he comes home to see his sister and finds out they have been dead for 4 years.
The mystery begins, why have so many people died and what does Brianna's landlord have to do with it?
If you enjoy a flat out good ghost story, fantasy, or a romance with a great mystery intertwined, you will find this one enthralling!

Mel from Amazon

Love Beyond Life

With the first in her Southern Ghosts series, Calloway takes us deep into the hidden world of the afterlife.
Specifically, we hear the voice of some of Savannah Georgia's dead as they interact with Brianna McNeil, a recent Boston transplant. She has come down South to start work in a funeral home, and more to the point, !live in the area where her also-deceased brother had last lived.
Brianna at first wishes only to continue giving respect to those she makes up in the funeral home, but she quickly realizes that she still has the ability to hear ghost voices, an admission that had previously landed her in a psych ward. She discovers that her current residence, rented to her by an extremely corrupt landlord, is haunted by the prior tenants, family of the man with whom she soon falls in love. She and this man, Steven, along with various other partners, then work together to take down this landlord so that the family can re-earn its peace.
i definitely enjoyed this read. As always with Calloway, the descriptions of surroundings, including restaurants, homes, other outdoor scenery and the like are so vivid that one feels transported there. also the characters, and particularly the Southern ones, make many comparisons and contrasts between this storied region and the North, where Brianna is from. As the title suggests, Virginia, Steven's mother, has a particular penchant for displaying her talents preparing that finest of Southern foodso: grits.
This book is ultimately about not only coming to terms with who you are, but also finding someone else who can accept you in all of your quirkiness. This is a theme that I, as a person with a disability, can relate to very well. I appreciate that Calloway demonstrates that sometimes this process may be messy for both partners. I look forward to the next in this series.

John from Amazon


Don’t miss this gem, No Girts No Glory

Brianna talks to dead people…actually she just hears them talk, so she tries to move away to Savannah to make a new start. What Brianna didn’t realize was, in Savannah, she doesn’t just hear dead people she sees them too and they are about to take a very active role in changing her life.

Steven left behind his family to make a name for himself. When he returns home, he finds Brianna living in his family home and that his family was killed in a tragic accident. Steven won’t stop until he uncovers who killed his family, he doesn’t believe it was an accident like everyone claims. Brianna just might be the ticket to uncover the secrets behind their deaths because his family is currently haunting the their old home.

Southern ghosts with attitude highlight this epigrammatic plot, captivating me and pulling me right into this wonderful paranormal murder mystery. As this my first time reading Elaine Calloway writing, I found it extremely entertaining and downright delightful. The story has a the perfect balance of humor, mystery and suspense with a budding romance to boot.

Don’t miss this gem, No Girts No Glory.

Beth H from Amazon

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