Morium (Book One of the Morium Trilogy)

By S. J. Hermann


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High school seniors, Nathan and Alexandria, are looking forward to graduation for one reason. They dream of a life without torment. Because neither one can call home a sanctuary, they face bullies and humiliation without help from their families. Nathan’s parents are absent and his empty house stokes the anger he carries within. Alexandria has always hidden her pain, especially so after losing her mother and watching her father struggle. She continues to seek familiar relief with the help of a razor blade and her arms bear witness to the quiet agony she suffers. The best friends have each other to lean on, but not much else. An extraordinary discovery changes everything. After holding mysterious objects that fell from the sky, the pair begins to exhibit supernatural abilities. In the beginning, Nathan uses his newfound powers for protection, but quickly becomes obsessed. In an attempt to hide his activities from an unsupportive Alexandria, he promises to stop. But he turns down a sinister path and indiscriminately absorbs souls of the undesirable, growing stronger each time. It’s a high he can’t give up. Alexandria desperately attempts to bury her powers and struggles with the results of her and Nathan’s actions. They are beginning to drift apart when a mutual friend, oblivious of their supernatural exploits, becomes an unwitting pawn in Nathan’s rising fixation. A series of deadly events and vivid nightmares convinces Alexandria that Nathan is keeping secrets from her. Now, an agonizing decision must be made. Will two people, who once only had each other to turn to, be forced to turn on each other? This is the first installment of the Morium Trilogy.


Engaging Characters; Easy Read.

I really enjoyed how this book handled bullying and the effect it has on those being bullied: the way Nathan and Lexi each handled bullying differently was interesting and I appreciated how Lexi being able to “see” her tormentor’s emotions made the bullies a bit more complex.

All of the characters were extremely well-written; watching Nathan go from a relatively good kid to plain evil was disturbing (in a good way) and had me rooting for Lexi at the end, and despite being "normal", Stacy was probably my favorite character as she added humor in some much needed places. The magical/science fiction elements were a nice touch and gave the book a bit of a superhero feel.

The book itself is well-written, the language is simple and suitable for YA readers (or fans of YA fiction), and the story is fast-paced and drew me in on the first page. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book.

Ray from Amazon

Great read! Loved it!

I really enjoyed this book; the character development was really interesting to read through. Especially taking into account the different things each character went through. Lexi and Nathan find some strange rocks that fell from the sky in the forest and they end up getting powers which Nathan refers to as "The Gift". You can see how these teens are affected by their day to day lives as their powers start to emerge and they learn to control them. They both experience heavy bullying along with their friend Stacy and they all react to it very differently. The beginning of the book was quite sad to read through for me; thankfully I never experienced anything like this and in my school didn't really bully anyone but as you read through and hear what is being said to them and then what they are thinking and feeling after the fact, it was sad for me and I wanted to punch those mean kids! I really liked the way Stacy reacted to being bullied even though deep down she hated it and it made her feel horrible, on the outside she was sarcastic, talked back to them and acted like she didn't care. I thought Stacy was hilarious too.
As you read on you get to see what happens when Nathan and Lexi get their powers and how they "choose their paths" and all that entails. I don't want to give too much away so I'll leave it at that but it's a well written story. S.J Hermann did an amazing job writing this and I'm glad I found the first book in the series. I can't wait to read the next one! Especially the way it ended, such a suspenseful cliff hanger!

Maggie from Amazon

This is a book that will suit both teens and adults alike.

“Morium” by S.J. Hermann reads like many YA novels with a Supernatural bent; slightly angsty with overwhelming moments – or so it seems. It quickly evolves into something else entirely, sucking you and depositing you deeply in a Lexi and Nathan’s strange new world.
Alexandria O’Conner, Lexi for short, is a tormented 17 year old with a secret; the pain inside her heart weighs so heavily that to feel alive, she cuts herself methodically. When her mother died she watched her father fold inside, losing not only himself but any semblance of support that Lexi might have been able to cling too. That support is desperately needed when an new secret develops . One night she and her best friend, Nathan Sweeny, were walking home when they happened upon glowing meteorites. Like any normal kid, they picked them up – and soon everything changed. Strange things start happening around and to Lexi, things she soon realizes she is causing. These powers no one could consider normal; and it’s been happening to Nathan too. At first this shared secret is enticing, us against them – yet like any high, the addiction can follow, and for him, it follows hard.
Well written and engaging, I really related to Lexi – though this is Nathan’s story as well. This good boy found bad too appealing and it breaks my heart for Lexi a bit. I can’t wait to see where Hermann goes with the rest of this series!

Heather G from Amazon


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