Irish Firebrands


By Christine Plouvier


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How much trouble can an empty-nester genealogist get into, on a three-month tourist visa?


When Lana Pedersen’s research takes her to Ireland, she gets more than she bargained for: a flirtatious farmer to date, a truculent teen to mentor, plus an enigmatic landlord who trails her as tenaciously as an investigative reporter. It also seems as if something else awaited her arrival: an old stone farmhouse, called Drumcarroll….


Irish Firebrands is contemporary fiction that fuses several genres, in the literary tradition of novelists who write because they have an epic story to tell.



Fascinating characters and Irish history

This was a fascinating story with lots of twists that I didn't anticipate. The history of ancient and modern Ireland is weaved into a character driven plot, and was very detailed and seemed well-researched. There was lots of Gaelic in the text, which I skimmed over because it's hard to read and pronounce. Each chapter ends with an illustration related to the text. The characters were fallible, but lovable. Lana, Dillon, Frank, Paula. They were charming and easily likable. Medbe was a rather raunchy character I didn't particularly care for; I know why she was thrown in, but she was crude and made me flinch every time she spoke.

This tale is almost 500 pages, and in some places slow. I was surprised by some of the erotic thoughts and scenes within this book, since it seems written for an LDS audience. These might offend some. The language is clean though. The characters are all flawed (and some of them majorly). It's a long road for them, and some parts make you cringe as a reader as you see them fall, and then fall again...but I loved seeing their redemption in the end, how they overcame their sins, weaknesses, mental illnesses, and judgment, and gained true happiness by living true to their values and covenants.

This book makes you want to weep for each of the characters at different points. It was unique in that the characters are in their 40's to 60's. Most novels have younger characters, so this was a fun take on an older stage of life, and the different things you bemoan, worry, and obsess over as you age. I'd rate it a 5 in research; 3 in pace of the story; 5 for characters; 3 for content, and 3 for length. Overall rating high 3 or 4. I liked the Irish setting and the character transformation and growth. I received a free copy of this story in exchange for my honest review. I wish this author success as she writes more.

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Enjoyable Sexy Read

I really enjoyed this read. It's an unusual mash up of inspirational romance, mormon lit, and a little bit of eroticism. Some people may find it difficult that are very sensitive to that type of content but I didn't think it was over-the-top.
The story is about a Mormon woman who's kids have grown up and feeling a bit of a midlife crisis decides to pick up and move to Ireland to do genealogy work there. She then rents a house from a quiet yet mysterious widower and their paths get thrown together!
If you like a story about a foreign land, with characters who take religion seriously and a dishy but intense romance this is the book for you.

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