In Search of Oneness: A Memoir of Hope

By Annette Erickson


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An attempt to define this memoir is like trying to define life in one breath. You are invited to bear witness to the power of a single vision experienced by a five-year-old girl. Lou’s vision carries, holds and guides her through years of silence and being silenced. Annette’s vision of living in Oneness beckons from deep inside her and weaves throughout her life. Driven by her vision where everyone is seen, recognized, heard and embraced, she searches for this deep sense of connection and manifests it in her daily life. Step inside these pages and walk this winding path of hope, healing and transformation with Annette/Lou and share in the questions, seeking and the realization of Oneness many of us hope to achieve in our own lives.


An exceptionally well told life story. Impossible to put ...

An exceptionally well told life story. Impossible to put down. Honest, vulnerable, strong and insightful. Annette's search for connectedness, her vision of One and her journey to find her voice touches the human aspect in us all...our need to belong, to be heard, to stand in our truth and to survive. A brave and authentic memoir that creates the very connection that she envisioned. What a gift that Annette found her voice and has shared it with us. Triumphant!

Jacqueline Burnham from Amazon

Full circle of grace

This author tells her story with such grace, accountability and understanding for where the hurt came from in the ones who hurt her. The moment when her mother tells her not to cry over the death of Kevin breaks me apart each time and then the scene of healing as the author watches her mother prepare Kevin's clothes for his funeral tears through me leaving me ragged and a bit in awe.

There is hope in this book and triumph and some serious belly in the whale moments. I found myself wishing I had found such peace with my mother before she died. I took solace in the moments of peace Annette Erickson (Lou) finds in her own life. This is one memoir that runs the gamut of human experience. I think there is another story to be told and this author bears watching.

Arlee Hay from Amazon

Real. Raw. True.

Real. Raw. True. I read this book start to finish in 3 days. Annette's writing is simple and clear, her descriptions allow you feel her experiences as if they were your own. Her story inspires the quieting of all around you to hear what your soul is telling you - so that you too can live in Oneness. Annette shows us over and over again using her life examples the conclusion if you push down your voice that's when trouble starts - your outside actions not matching your inner voice. Reconciling that is life's true gift. Thank you Annette for sharing your intimate story so that others can draw on their own courage to do the same.

Vesna Hozjan from Amazon

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