I Hate To Say Goodbye: People Do not Meet by Chance

By Ruti Yudovich


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I Hate to Say Goodbye, the tragedy that brought me to America.


Fascinating stories from a perspective of a precocious and sensitive girl growing up during a historical and momentous time — the rebirth and rise of a nation. Threats looming everywhere: Arab neighbors, the hardship of nature as war refugees are making their home in the uncultivated promised land, Israel. Farm life with its unique toils and delights, forbidden young love among foes, bliss and abysmal gloom, laughter and tears, reality meets fantasy and valuable life lessons are interwoven into this stormy, tumultuous and tragic-comic family drama.


I Hate to Say Goodbye (based on a true story) takes place in Israel during the 50’s and the 60’s. In this humane and spiritual journey Ruti Yudovich passionately and vividly shares her insights she calls: “Moments of Deepness.”


This first book by the emerging writer Yudovich is an experience to be embraced.



This was an excellent book. It reminded me of the classic A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, but in a rural setting in newborn Israel rather than the streets of early 20th Century Brooklyn. Still, many of the elements are the same - a young girl learning about life while the land around her grows as well.

I enjoyed watching the main character, Rimi, grow and learn life's lessons. I have read a number of other books about the early years of the State of Israel, but most of them dealt with the struggle to survive against political and military opposition. This one is different in that it deals with a family CREATING a life in a new land. The book gives many insights into what it takes to create a life, regardless of where or when one is living.

I thoroughly recommend it.

Howard from Amazon

Memoir with a unique voice

This book is for anyone who loves delving into the childhoods of people from other cultures, other lands. It is also a great read for anyone who was a child! The girl, Rimi, is saucy, sweet, sensitive, but also a fighter for what she wants and thinks is right. Some of the stories are edged with mysticism, making the narrator's voice like no other.

One meets characters and scenes unique to Israel in the fifties and early sixties. It is a rich compilation of stories with the through-line; a girl's search for life's truths apart from circumstance and place. A wonderful read!

Susan B. Stroh from Amazon

You will find yourself in the plot

As I was reading this book I felt like I was weaving in and out of my own life story. We had a generation in Israel that was not merely baby boomers. We had kids of holocaust survivors and war of 1948 boomers. Ruti, so profoundly, delivers in her book the spirit of the time with all its fine nuances. That time was not easy; politics, economics, relations with the Arabs and such all amalgamated in shaping that generation.

Looking at life with the viewpoint of a child, fears and desires the book is universal in appeal. So if you ever were a small child . . . you will find yourself in the plot.

I found the story courageous. The book tells about a complex yet wonderful family. Revealing struggles and overcoming obstacles. For all you know it feels like home. Ruti writes with humanity and kinship to people whoever they may be. I hated to put it down when I reached the last page.

Benny from Amazon



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