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Ready to submit your chapters?  You need three things.


A synopsis of your book.  A synopsis is a short summary, advertising your book’s content.  Easy to understand but still very important as your synopsis needs to capture a  visitor’s attention and entice them to read the first chapter.  It wouldn’t hurt to add an image of your book cover as most people are visually-oriented and it could mean the difference between someone stopping to read or passing it by without a second glance.


The first chapter of your book.  You’re counting on your chapter to entice visitors to buy the whole book so make sure it’s engaging and leave them wanting more.  If you haven’t already, spend some time on editing…a misspelled word can take a reader out of the moment.  Click here for more tips on editing.


A link back to where a visitor can buy your book.  You caught their attention and now they desperately need to finish reading your masterpiece.  But where do they buy it?  Don’t leave them hanging…supply a link to were they can buy your book.  We are open to all options but strongly recommend Amazon Publishing as most people seem to have an easier time with them.  You can have up to two links but we will be checking the links before we post them and will not post if they lead to an inappropriate site or a site riddled with malware.

Submit all three (Synopsis, First Chapter, and your link) along with your name and book title. to our email at Within 48 hours, we will review the content and send you an email, confirming we will post or denying the request and the reasons why.  For all questions, problems, or concerns, contact us at or check out our FAQ.


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