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Authors who wish to have the public read and purchase their book would submit a synopsis and the first chapter of their book. People will be able to read the synopsis, and read the first chapter. If they want to purchase the book, then they will be able to click on a link provided by the author that will take them to a site where the purchase can be completed.


We recommend that authors use Amazon Kindle Publishing (this is how you would acquire the link). It is free to add your book to Amazon Kindle and have it available for purchase. We encourage you to look at Amazon Kindle Publishing and decide if this is right for you. We think it is great and it really does provide a free option to get your book(s) in front of millions of people.


However, authors may use any link they like including other online publishing agencies or can link to a site where they can sell physical books. This would be great for authors who already have an inventory of books and are looking for a way to sell them.


Whatever you choose is entirely up to you. This site is simply a way for you to showcase your literary works. It does not create or maintain the links to your books, nor does it take a percentage, commissions or any funds from the author. The author is responsible for providing and maintaining their own link. was started as a way to allow authors to showcase their work.  (see About Me)  This works whether you are a writer that has been struggling for a long time to gain the attention of a big publisher or agent, or an established writer who wants more exposure and/or have physical books to sell, or a new writer venturing into publishing for the very first time.


The intellectual property and/or copyright property remain entirely yours. This does not impact your ability to sell your books in any other forum (except where limited by your contract with your eBook provider).


If you are an author with books being published through the traditional publishing houses or self-published (physical books) then you are not limited by your Amazon Kindle contract (see Amazon Kindle Publishing for more details) and may continue to market and sell your books through traditional methods or through self-publishing. is not involved in any way with whatever contracts that you have with your eBook publisher. Although endorses Amazon Kindle Publishing because it is a free publishing service, it is up to you to read the terms and conditions very carefully to ensure your satisfaction.


 How to submit your synopsis and first chapter

Submit your synopsis along with your first chapter to You must include a link of the eBook publishing provider or an alternate link in which your book can be purchased. is not responsible for faulty links or non-functioning payment systems. Make sure everything works before submitting your chapter.


How do you get paid?


How you get paid is solely between you and the eBook publisher that you are working with. For example, Amazon Kindle Publishing pays up to a 70% royalty. For more details and examples of how this works, visit Amazon Kindle Publishing or review the policy of your eBook publisher.


For those authors who have physical books to sell, it is up to you to establish a payment methodology to receive payments for your book. is in no way involved with collecting or paying funds and is not liable for any payments not paid or delinquent. is a free service that allows authors to showcase their literary talent.


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