Hidden Heroes in the Fire: Can the fire fairy survive banishment?

By Melanie Mangum


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 Flame’s life was so simple and easy in the beginning. She was mastering her magic quicker than anyone could have thought. She was the most talented fire fairy to ever live. Fight and fire were in her veins. She finds herself banished from the fairy realm which should have been a death sentence. It would be a race for her life, wither she could give up her pride and ask for help. Disguised as a human and with the help of a slayer she might conquer all the odds, if she can keep her secret.




I received the book from the author for an honest review...
From the first page, the book was full of suspense. Gwyneth wakes up one morning from a dream and went to having her nosy neighbor telling her about the death of her sister.
From the time she arrives at work Gwyneth receives a gift that freaks her out. For awhile now she has been getting gifts from a mysterious someone. The gift that scares her prompts her to call the police. At first the officer, Detective Tate, doesn't seem very interested in helping her out. Things end up changing between her and Detective Tate and he is more interested in helping her out and to find the guy that has been terrorizing her.
This entire book kept me hooked. I started it and could not put it down. I usually am not that into suspenseful books. This one was definitely full of it. I had no idea where it was going to go and was very surprised on how it ended. This is the first book that I have read by J.M. Zuniga and I hope to read more of her
Kristy's Review from Amazon

A Must Read!

Gwyneth was a book that I picked to read but didn't know what it was about. I was not disappointed with this story it was great. Gwyneth was different than the books I had read lately. It is mostly a suspense story, there is a little romance but not a lot.Gwyneth starts receiving little gifts at work, when the gifts start getting creepy she calls the cops. That's where Detective Aaron Tate comes in, he's assigned to Gwyneth's case. At first Aaron seems like a jerk but he slowly softens. Aaron has some things in his past that has given him a tough exterior.There is some graphic scenes when we read about some murders and kidnappings. J.M. Zuniga does a wonderful job writing these scenes, they kind of gave me the creeps. I loved that I like Gwyneth really didn't know who was giving her the presents, until I read who it was. I liked that the story was unpredictable and I didn't know what was going to happen next.

Amazeballs Book Addicts from Amazon

Best book from the author yet!

J.M. Zuniga is one of my favorite authors and I have to say this is my favorite book of hers! I swear, her writing gets better and better. I fall in love with her characters and the plot of her books. This book has it all: action, suspense, mystery, and even a bit of romance, although I wouldn't classify it as a romance.

Gwyneth has been receiving gifts from a mystery stranger and at first, she is flattered, but when the gifts start becoming sinister, and the gifts are no longer beautiful tokens, Gwyneth starts fearing for her safety, and her life.

In enters, Detective Aaron Tate, who is leading the investigation to find out who's doing these horrible things as a 'token of love' for Gwyneth. He brings comfort and assurance that Gwyneth will have nothing to fear and is safe, but when tragedy starts to strike among the people she knows, Gwyneth doesn't know who to turn to, or who to trust. Who is this mystery man and why is he obsessed with her? Can she protect herself from the killer, or is she destined to meet the same fate as the killers victims?

What I love about this book is that Gwyneth is a warrior. She doesn't wait for others to save her, she saves herself. She doesn't trust easily, which works out in her favor and I'm glad that she starts to open up about herself in the book. She truly is a great heroine. I don't want to say anything more, not wanting to give the story away or spoil anything, so I'm just going to say that this book is amazing!! I loved it so much and think it's a story with a great plot and great characters.

I highly recommend this book!!

Jocelyn S. from Amazon

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