Godforsaken: Book 1 (Shade of Light)


By Suren Hakobyan


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Lily’s dreams have always been haunted by a mystical stranger with green eyes, until the day comes that she unexpectedly meets that stranger in a club. He’s wealthy and handsome, but those traits aren’t the ones that mark him as being not like average men. In truth, he possesses a surreal power, and a set of angelic wings…


An archangel turned outcast, Samael has wandered Earth for eons, unable to belong in either Heaven or Hell. However, he still holds a secret that both the angels and the fallen ones need to acquire at all costs.


As soon as Lily meets Samael, her life is irrevocably altered. She herself is the secret at the heart of the war between angels and demons, and there’s only one person who cares for her enough to try and save her from her fate: the exiled creature, Samael.

You'll Be Wanting More

I cannot say enough good things about Godforsaken. I was hooked from the first page. I could see the glade glowing, feel the chilly wind and the wonder of the white leaves dancing in the air. Before too long, I found myself identifying with Lily, almost as if I was Lily. I could feel her emotions, especially as they related to Samael. The original attraction had so many obstacles thrown in its path. The twists and turns kept me always wanting to read more to reach the end but not wanting to reach the end because the story was so enthralling. The trip to Dudael, as seen through Lily's eyes, was both fascinating and repulsive. The best thing about coming to the end of the book was to find out there is a sequel. I encourage you to give Godforsaken a try. You won't be disappointed.

Sharon Farrell

A Cracking Read...,

Wow, I wasn't sure I would like this book based on the description. But I was very wrong. I enjoyed the underlying story of good vs evil, love vs hate, and faith. The fact that it is full of hot sexy angels is another plus, and yes, there are sex scenes, hot and fast..and not too detailed, just enough. Really loved this one. I got sucked right into the characters lives, and really would love a friend like Nancy. And the end of course is a huge cliffhanger.... really want to read the next one for the battle over Eden. So much to this book that hides between the lines. I just really enjoyed it, and couldn't put it down. Very enjoyable read!

Paradise Joe

A must read,

I would like to mention I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


First I give this book 7 stars. I've read previous books from Suren and his Archangel books are amazing, this one is no exception. The way Suren tells the stories puts a whole new perspective to me on what could have happened between GOD and Lucifer and The Garden of Eden. I'm big I to self learning and now after reading part 1 I'm definitely going to learn some things I feel I need to know. I'm big on Angels and I think that's one of the reasons Suren's books appeal to me.


Can't wait for part 2!!!

jenn Cuce

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