Ghostwriters In The Sky (The Camilla Randall Mysteries Book 1)

By Anne R. Allen


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Dorothy Parker meets Agatha Christie.


“Chick-lit noir with a side of funny.” – Ruth Harris, NYT best-selling author of “Modern Women” and “Husbands and Lovers”.


After her celebrity ex-husband’s ironic joke about her “kinky sex habits” is misquoted in a tabloid, New York etiquette columnist Camilla Randall’s life unravels in bad late night jokes.


Nearly broke and down to her last Hermes scarf, she accepts an invitation to a Z-list Writers’ Conference in the wine-and-cowboy town of Santa Ynez, California, where, unfortunately, a cross-dressing dominatrix plies her trade by impersonating Camilla.


When a ghostwriter’s plot to blackmail celebrities with faked evidence leads to murder, Camilla must team up with the dominatrix to stop the killer.


Meanwhile, a wannabe writer who happens to be a hot L.A. cop just may steal her heart.


Another Fine Mess

Ghostwritrers in the Sky chronicles another fine mess Camilla Randall's gotten herself into. Camilla, aka the Manners Doctor, escapes her mess-of-a-life in New York to speak at a high-end writers' conference in California. Along with an array of nutty writers, she deals with the glassy-winged sharp shooter, oak-saving protestors, a dark and handsome policeman who might suffer from road rage, Solvang's tasty Danish pastries, a crossdressing force-to-be-reckoned with, and an unfortunate but promising young writer who doesn't make it through the conference alive. Anne Allen will keep you riveted and cackling as you follow Camilla and her cohorts through unlikely shenanigans in the fast-paced & hysterical tale.

csperryess from Amazon

Ghost writers in the sky

Anne Allen has done it again with Ghost Writers in the Sky. Her unique, cleaver and hilarious voice translates well into this romp through Santa Ynes, wine country of Central California. The setting is unique the characters interesting and fun and Camilla, our heroine, is at her best; in trouble again and sleuthing her way out of it. Anne never let's her readers down. A thoroughly enjoyable read!

Christine from Amazon

Ghostwriters: A Humorist's Feast

Deep in the bosom of cow gal country, Golden West Writer's conference guest speaker, Dr. Manners, must beg her audience's pardon. The impeccable etiquette of her inner great aunt has been violated by the recent release of her photo in a compromising sadomasochistic posture with her journalist ex-husband.
Aside from the criminally poor writing of the would-be novelists at the Rancho Montano Grande conference, other crimes, specifically murders, are being committed. Dr. Manners, or Camilla Randall, nonfiction columnist, attempts to retain her composure wearing trashed designer clothing and size twelve footwear.
Superbly written, masterfully crafted, a humorist's feast.

Kathleen Keena from Amazon

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