Gamers and Gods: AES


By Matthew Kennedy


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A demigod fights for Earth’s freedom — in the mind of a computer — as two pantheons fight for the right to guide the future of humans. But can Asklepios — Homer’s “Blameless Physician” — defeat the The Devourer of Millions?


AES is the story of a man who wakes up after 3,000 years to find himself thrust into a fight for the independence of Earth from the control of alien superbeings.


His battle is real and the stakes are real, but he will fight in a simulated battlefield — in the memory of an online gaming computer. He is as real as his comrades, but while they have real-world bodies, his self-driven avatar is all he has — an incarnation as living software. For the mortals who log in to help him, the prize is freedom from the aliens who want to control humanity’s development to further their own power. For Aes himself, the reward for success is his own apotheosis — the right to dwell with the superbeings of Olympus.


His only chance is the help of Darla Kaplan and her gamer friends. In this struggle for the freedom of mankind, the most powerful weapon of all may be the love of a woman for a man who is only a ghost in the machine.


Uniquely Creative,

"Gamers and Gods: AES" has one the most uniquely written storylines I have come across. If you enjoy gaming you will eat up the pages. If you have never gamed in your life you will enjoy experiencing the story based on its entertainment value alone. Any knowledge you have about philosophy or Greek mythology will add to your enjoyment. However, if you don't possess mythological knowledge you can expect this book to pique your interest in all things Olympus. This is a meaty read. Significant higher level thinking and imagination was put into crafting the story. Mathew Kennedy has combined futuristic, historical and technological elements that, at times, will have your heart racing at a rate equivalent to playing your favorite online action game. This book brings reality gaming to life with words. The writing is vivid and the characters, both human and non-human, are well developed. The story is neither predictable nor anything like I have read before. It takes you into a world within a world and I found it most unique and enjoyable.

G Jackson from Amazon


The best books don't just tell a story - they grip ...

The best books don't just tell a story - they grip you right at the start, carry you along, teach you something along the way and end leaving you wanting more. AES, the first in Matthew Kennedy's Gamers and Gods trilogy, does all of these and more. In this installation, Kennedy introduces characters from the near future and the distant past and then mixes them together in an intriguing adventure that wouldn't let me put it down. This world is fantasy to some while reality to others and both are true in ways that prove to be believable, exciting and ultimately frightening. The story draws on the deep textures of ancient mythology and the fast-paced realms of online gaming to craft an adventure that moves quickly from chapter to chapter, climaxing with an ending that doesn't disappoint. If you're new to either of these, you'll enjoy learning as the story unfolds. I'm glad that I won't have to wait to read the next two books - they're both available now and I've started the second already.

Wendy Swanson from Amazon

So creative!

Matthew Kennedy was thinking way outside the box when he conquered this uncommon Sci-Fi Brew. His writing skill is like a spiders web that captures the devour’s the attention of the reader as he spins them deep into this ultimately prolific tale. Our main character wakes up in the future and is tasked with fighting for an earth he hasn’t been involved in, and barely recognizes, since it has been thousands of years since he has seen it! Imagine that one. It is like he is living a video game as he has to fight these battles from a simulated construct, a computer. As a story line it doesn’t get any better than this!

He does have some help though, I would have to say from some savvy gamers and who help in him this exercise of freedom. The undertaking is intense effort filled with twists and turns and even little romance. Gamers and Gods: AES, is the first book in a series and I now look forward to book 2. If you are at all into gaming you will find this book especially delicious. I read a lot in the this genre and this one is exceptional. It is creative, offers a unique story line and well developed characters. Best of all, it is action packed and wholly entertaining.

F. Reede from Amazon


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