For Just A Little While


By Jess Fulton


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When we think about miracles, we think in terms of unexplainable by science or nature. But what if miracles were something that did not need an explanation? What if miracles could occur by just allowing them to happen? What if every minute of every day miracles were happening all around us? Perhaps a miracle is just a simple event uninterrupted by humanity. Faith should have died that cold, snowy night in November. But instead, a miracle happened. However, this gift of life, like most gifts of life, came with some strings attached. Faith would not only be touched by this miracle herself, but she would be graced with the ability to share it with those around her. With the help of her family and a very strong willed reporter, they would find a way to bring the reality of miracles to the world.


I love this sweet heartwarming story,

I love this sweet heartwarming story. The writing leads you along and you can almost feel the air and smell the dust from the pickup. So inspirational. Makes you say, I think I knew that, but needed a reminder. Hope you give us more, Jess.

Loved it!

Just finished this book and I loved it! Such an endearing story and truly a great read!
Amanda B.

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