Fold Thunder (The Rim and the Shore)


By Gregory Ashe


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As the Jaegal Empire moves to war against the city-state of Apsia, an unknown player begins to manipulate events, and long-hidden secrets come to light that threaten not only the outcome of the war, but also the fabric of reality itself.


Erlandr, the sorcerer who longs to die and cannot, searches for the truth of his past while being guarded by his once friend Adence. The priestess Irwa seeks to conceal her past as she draws closer and closer to the man she has been sent to assassinate. Joaquim, son of a ruined merchant, is driven to smuggling–and worse–to shore up the family fortune. And Dag, once a killer for hire, has been drawn out of retirement for one last job.



Stimulating Read,

The best part about this book was that it jumped right into the story line. You don't have to endure any chapters where nothing happens; you are thrown right into the chaos. The author is wonderfully descriptive without bogging the story down by going off on tangents about the characters surroundings. There is a perfect balance of explanation and action although this is one book that could have definitely benefited from a dictionary at the end! The author weaves in his own world of sorcery, using his own made-up terminology, which can be quite confusing. You are not handed an explanation, you must slowly unravel the true story as you read, challenging the reader just as the characters in the book are challenged to discover the truth of what is happening in their world.

Kayde from Amazon

Great Read!

I've ended up reading this book twice so far... It's a great fantasy novel with complex characters, an intricate world, and many unexpected twists. The reader is definitely drawn into the story. One of the best things about the book is the author dumps directly into the world, no easy introduction, and you slowly unravel all of the complexities. While this book is standalone, the world itself is ripe for expansion in sequels or related novels.

AK from Amazon


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