The Dew of Flesh (Flesh and Fell Book 1)


By Gregory Ashe


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In The Thirteen Paths of Nakhacevir, in the city of Khi’ilan, the last of the gods-made-flesh still rules. But rebellion creeps ever closer, and the High Harvest draws nigh, when the streets will run red with the blood of human sacrifice.


A small group of revolutionaries works to overthrow their god, drawing on the magic of the dew of flesh to strengthen them. Some are motivated by vengeance. Others by necessity. But some have even deeper plans, plans that involve the blood of a god.


From foreign Cenarbasi, a woman haunted by her past arrives in Khi’ilan. Hired to assassinate the god-made-flesh, she quickly finds herself in a game where she knows few of the rules, and none of the players, and the small supply of foreign magic that she brings will not protect her forever.



Great Dark Fantasy, Rich Worldbuilding, Reminiscent of Sanderson,

The Dew of Flesh has some of the most impressive world-building out of all the novels I've recently read. Based on a system of power to enhance speed, strength, endurance and longevity gained through consumption of flesh, life, fat, the occasionally rare artifact, the result is a feel somewhat similar to Sanderson's Mistborn, though significantly darker. Still, there is an internal logic that holds together and makes a kind of atavistic, shamanistic sense to the reader. Where Ashe really excels is his implementation of his fantasy world considering these powers; society, form of government, religion and all other aspects fit around this system of arcane powers. Too often in similar novels there is a cognitive dissonance, a feeling that the world is not internally realistic; Ashe's picture of a grim, xenophobic country ruled by a powerful and autocratic elite strongly adds to the ambiance and feel of the story.

Other elements to the novel are also well implemented, though aren't as inspired as the world-building. The plot is solid, with enough twists and entwined threads to entertain. The ending is highly satisfying. The characters are realistic, occasionally likable, occasionally endearingly infuriating. The novel is also quite long, which readers should enjoy, thought it can make it rather harder to read in a single sitting.

Overall, a fun dark fantasy romp which fans of Sanderson should really enjoy. Recommended to fantasy readers; strongly recommended to dark fantasy readers, those that crave original worlds, and fans of the Mistborn series.

Amazon Customer

The Dew of the Flesh,

Very good book! There are many 'unknown' authors out there, I am glad to have read this story. Interesting, funny, scary, thrilling, intelligent. Read it, you will like it.

Allison Ryder from Amazon

A very good book.

I found this to be an exciting book. The story was unique and generally well written. I hope to read more from the author.

mlr89from Amazon



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