Dark Surrender


By Erica Ridley


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Violet Whitechapel committed an unspeakable crime to save a child. To escape the hangman’s noose, she takes refuge in a crumbling abbey with secrets darker than her own. When its master offers her a temporary post, Violet cannot say no. Just as she begins to see him in a new light, her past catches up to her and endangers them all.




Alistair Waldegrave keeps his daughter imprisoned in the black heart of his Gothic abbey. As he searches for a cure to the disease the villagers call demonic, his new governess brings much needed light into their lives. But how can the passion between them survive the darkness encroaching from outside their sheltered walls?


Darkly Gothic

Dark Surrender by Erica Ridley reminds me of the gothic romances, such as some by Daphne Du Maurier or Victoria Holt. These are authors that I cut my teeth on many years ago and this is reminiscence of those earlier works. However, I really thought it would be a paranormal story. Nope, it could have been but Ms. Ridley keeps it right on the edge of realism. I had read several of Erica Ridley’s stories. Always she writes characters with such depth and complexity as well as adding a little twist; this one is no different. Over the course of the story, it is layer by layer that Violet and Alistair are revealed to us. In addition, this story is full of contrasts, such as hope and despair; darkness and light; black then vivid colors; and society rules verses an individual needs. These contrasts are written so well that I was completely caught up emotionally in the plight of these two, with Alistair’s young daughter, Lillian. Also, so much in the story is written about the Abbey so that it almost seemed like a supporting character along with Mr. Roper, the Cook and the Housekeeper. That made it extremely hard not to mourn its lost at the end of the story.
Can I recommend it, a huge YES to those who like their romance darkly gothic.
Copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review.

pw reader from Amazon

A Great Gothic Romance and Mystery!

The story begins immediately with Violet on the run from trouble and  finding shelter at a dark shuttered abbey where a mysterious gentleman, Alistair, and his 9 year old daughter, Lillian, live.  All natural light is blocked within the abbey and Alistair and the staff are vigilant in preventing Lillian from ever going outside as Alistair and Lillian have a potentially fatal sensitivity to sunlight.  Violet takes on the position of governess to the angry and high strung Lillian who lashes out at everyone around her in desperate frustration at her situatIon.

The story builds with large helpings of both mystery and passion. The detailed descriptions of Violet's surroundings and the characters' interactions immerse the reader in the story and hold the reader's attention to the very end with unexpected secrets being revealed. This is a terrific read in the gothic genre with a unique situation driving the story.  Definitely not a tale to be missed.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Myrt from Amazon

Hooked me in...!

I read this book because it was part of the box set "Tempted by His Touch" which I bought for 99 cents. I'm not into gothic, paranormal or vampire stuff but I gave it a try. I figured I could always stop if it got scary or if I didn't like it and to just move on to the next book. Well, after reading a few fast-paced pages, I got hooked. It's a story of love & romance, a father's love & devotion to his daughter and also comes with suspense. The story is worth your time. Erica Ridley is a good author and I would recommend this book anytime. I will now check out her other books.

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