Daniel’s Bride


By Joanne Hill


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A short contemporary romantic novel… of a marriage of convenience, a jilted fiance, and a bachelor determined to make an old man’s dying days his happiest.


Daniel Christie’s beloved grandfather is dying and Daniel knows there’s only way to make his last weeks happy ones – give him the one thing he’s always wanted – the promise of heirs. All Dan has to do is fall in love, have the wedding, follow it with lots of little Daniels and –


Well, that’s not going to happen. So Daniel comes up with the next best solution. He hires jobless Melinda Green to be his wife.


Mel has good reason to accept Daniel’s crazy proposition. Her bills are mounting, and with her invalid mother needing ongoing care, Mel knows a few months as Mrs Christie with a massive cheque at the end is a gift from heaven. And just because Daniel is rich and he’s gorgeous doesn’t mean she’ll end up with “feelings” for him. After all, her fiancé just dumped her for her best friend so men are totally off the radar.
Or so she thought…


I am surprised!!!

I really liked this. I thought it was a short story and really there could not be any real character development, so why since it has been 2 days am I still remembering all of the characters???
Although Daniel may seem a bit stand-off-ish(is this how you spell this word?) I can understand so completely his attitude. He has so much responsibility on his shoulders. His brothers have left the running of a big corporation to Daniel and they are off having the time of their lives with there large allowances.
Daniel loves his grandfather more than anything or anyone in his life. However, his grandfather is dying and Daniel wants to badly to do something that will make his grandfather's last days happy.
Since his brothers have not been taking any interest in the Corporation, which has caused great concern with the grandfather it is up to Daniel to do something.
Daniel knows what will make his grandfather happy, that is for him to get married and provide heirs for the continuation of their corporate success.
How and why does Daniel choose Melanie? What was the arrangement between them? Does Daniel end up loving Barnaby (his grandfather's dog. (I did)
I felt very fullfilled when I completed this book, just like when you have finished a great meal, everything is good!!!

When I have had great things to say about a book, I guess I have been remiss in not giving KUDOS to the author. So Joanne Hill here it is (KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS) Thanks

book lover from Amazon

So good I lost a morning

A cracker story - kept me turning the pages for a whole fine Sunday morning. And with everything I had to do two days from Christmas, that's some achievement.
A beautiful novel full of yearning and good intentions. Unbelievably the little dog almost beat the hero to my heart. Well done Ms Hill.

Kris Pearson from Amazon

I really liked it

I love marriages of convenience. This one did not disappoint for me. The hero, Daniel is born into a very wealthy family. With that comes a lot of responsibility, etc. that sort of absorbs a person's life. He always played by the book and the rules laid out for him. He worked and had no time for a personal life or fun. As his beloved grandfather is dying his only wish is for Daniel to be happy and to carry on the line. His brother s were somewhat irresponsible and happy to live off their allowances. It is all on Daniel's shoulders.

The heroine, Mel, is the exact opposite. She comes from a single mother, living in a type of nursing home because she has suffered a stroke and has to have care. It is all up to Mel to take care of herself as well as her mother. She has fallen on hard times with no job, an ex-fiancé, and no prospects.

Then she meets Daniel and he sees a way out of his problem as well as a way out of hers. And so the marriage of convenience begins. Theirs is a sweet story. Some rough spots to get over but fun to go along for the ride and see how it all works out. Daniel was a tough nut to crack. But he turns out to be human after all. I really liked this story and definitely recommend it. It was a fun and enjoyable read and it left me feeling good.

Gatorfan from Amazon

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