The Women of Valley View: Callie


By Sharon Srock


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A baby is dead and Callie Stillman blames herself. Haunted by memories of a tiny coffin, Callie can’t understand how God could expect her to put her heart on the line a second time. But the evasive little girl attending her Sunday School class is so obviously in trouble that Callie finds her resolve cracking.


Iris and Samantha Evans are living on borrowed time. Deserted, orphaned, betrayed, and deceived, they need rescuing in the worst way.


Steve Evans had his life changed by God. A reformed drug addict, he’s searching for the family he abandoned ten years ago and praying for a miracle.


The road to healing is rocky. But as Callie confronts her worst fears by bringing father and daughters together in a risky bid for reconciliation, she realizes that the Evans family aren’t the only ones God wants to rescue from a tortured past.


Heartwarming Story

This is Sharon Srock's debut novel, and she hits a home run with this heartwarming story. In this first book of the series about the women of Valley View,Sharon creates characters who grow on you and capture your heart. Callie's own heart is breaking because a child she tried to help as a social worker is now dead. Dare she try to help another one so soon? But she is drawn to Iris like a moth to flame. Her attempts to help Iris and her sister Samantha begin simply, but turn into something much more dramatic that will tug at your heartstrings and have you rooting for this precious family to be reunited. How Sharon brings Callie's life full circle and restores her faith in her ability to help children makes for a wonderful read. I'm looking forward to reading more about Callie's friends in Valley View.

Martha W. Rogers from Amazon

A Lasting Place in my Heart,

This wonderful book stirs the heart and touches every emotion. What an emotional tug-of-war for the heroine! I found myself waking up the morning after reading the book, wondering how Callie was doing, and hoping Sam, Iris and Bobbie were safe. I fought the urge to pray for them all! This is truly the sign of a great book. Highly recommended! - Janice Thompson, author of Queen of the Waves

Janice A. Thompson from Amazon

A gifted author. A gift of a story.

This is without a doubt one of the best novels I've ever read. The characters are so alive, so natural and personable, and the circumstances anguishing. Can you imagine a seventeen-year-old girl raising a family? Fearful that her eleven-year-old sister and her four-month-old baby could be taken from her by an addicted father who abandoned them ten years ago?
When Callie tries to come to their rescue, she provides more problems than help. Help is something 17 year old Samantha doesn't want, even shirks from. Samantha's biggest fear is abandonment - again. Will Callie leave her, too, like her father did ten years ago when she was only seven? Callie's deep faith alienates Samantha from her. How could Callie's God solve her problems when He left her and her sister and caused her mother's death? What kind of God would do that?
Samantha needs to accept Callie's help. Trust is a huge issue for everyone involved in this story, especially Samantha. Since Samantha took on the role of parent at her young age, can she trust Callie and her husband Benton who want to help? Can she trust them to not divulge their secret to the authorities? The ones who could separate the fragile family unit, two sisters and a baby.
Read this wonderful story to find out. You will not be disappointed.

Bonnie Engstrom from Amazon

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