Beyond The Plains (World of Myth)


By Travis Bughi


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For sixteen years, Emily Stout has known a simple, yet harsh, life on the Great Plains—farming the land, avoiding thunderbirds and banshees, dealing with minotaurs and gnomes—but she dreams of more. She longs to wander the plains as a gunslinger, serve the angels as a knight, or anything else that could break her free of her trapped existence.

Then, in a moment of desperation, Emily’s mother reveals a secret, one that will change everything for her, give her the chance to explore her world, and send her to the magnificent city of Lucifan. However, Lucifan is not the utopia it appears to be, and there are many dark and deadly creatures with equally dark and deadly plans. Amongst the brutal ogres, terrifying gargoyles, and plotting leprechauns, Emily will find an enemy shrouded in darkness and deceit who wants nothing more than her death.

Faced with all of this, what chance does a farmer’s daughter have?


I loved it so much that I bought the book and ...

I got this book after getting it for free on reddit. I loved it so much that I bought the book and its sequels and thoroughly enjoyed them. The character grows well over the pace of the book and the tone was very nice. It kept you on the edge of your seat at times, and at other times let you simply enjoy the ride. The world is well thought out and interesting, and I love the writing style! 5 out 5 would recommend to anyone who loves a good fantasy read
Amazon Customer

A fun intro to a world where anything can be real,

Minotaurs, pegasai, and ogres, oh my. This book was an excellent lead in to what feels like a richly varied world. Creatures and figures of myth from many cultures blend in here well, largely due to the type of writing style, which introduces everything through the eyes of someone who has grown up with all these strange and wonderful things and simply takes them as part of her world. It allows us to suspend our disbelief and enjoy an interesting story.

The material is well explained and any avid young reader should have no problem following the descriptions of people and places. As an adult reader i was also highly entertained and will be buying the next book in the series the next time i need something to read.

Jsalts from Amazon

Wonderful read!

I was hooked from the first sentence. The world in Beyond the Plains was inventive and refreshingly new. Even with the many mythical creatures that were introduced the descriptions were always clear and precise and were introduced gradually through the plot so I never felt overwhelmed. The characters were interesting and I was invested in their journeys throughout the story.

It went way beyond my expectations. I'm excited to begin the next book and explore more of this new world.

Kristen from Amazon


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