Anna – You’re Never Too Old (Book Two of the ‘Never’ Series Trilogy)


By Linda Kane Paavola


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Anna was finally reconnected with the twin baby daughter that had been taken from her thirty-three years earlier. Bailey (originally named Remie) had a family and lived almost twenty-five hundred miles away from Anna. Anna wanted/needed to get to know her daughter. She had already missed out on so much of her life. She had a business to consider though. She owned a chain of stores of high-class women’s fashions. She couldn’t just up and leave it all behind. She wasn’t ready to retire. She would go batty if she retired and had nothing to do all day. It would be like hitting a brick wall after going a hundred and thirty miles per hour.


She realized she was missing out on so much, her newly-found daughter and the love of a partner in life. Anna thought it was too late for love. She had her chance with Lawrence after high school. That hadn’t worked out. Now she felt she was too old. She wasn’t about to lose out on getting reacquainted with her daughter and her family though. The twin who grew up with her mother was not about to be left out with the family reunion either even though she lived in Milan, Italy running a thriving fashion design business.


What will Anna do? Will she be able to become close to Bailey and still continue working? Is she too old for change? Is she too old for love? Anna wants to have it all even though she questions herself and her decisions throughout her journey to her final decisions.


There is no sexual content or foul language in this book.


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