A Very Late Gap Year in Taiwan: I spent one year teaching ESL in Asia so you don’t have to!

By P. R. Travis

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At 31 something was missing from my life. I was dropping out of engineering graduate school and drifting aimlessly through life’s troubled waters,inexorably toward what I used to consider middle age. But I had no kids, no wife, and no career. Something had to change. That change, I decided, was going to be a gap year overseas. I scoured the internet for all the information I could find on teaching ESL in Asia. I and already been to Europe in college, and there was just something about the women on the other side of the Pacific.


I’d be lying if I said all the information that I found was tinted rose, but compared to grad school, it was rosy enough for me at the time. I bought a one way ticket for Taiwan, I signed a one year contract with a school called Gloria in Taoyuan County, and I quit after 10 months to fly home again. I also went on numerous blind dates, met a girl, taught kindergarten, traveled to the ruins in Cambodia, hiked all over the the east and south coasts of Taiwan, and tried to learn Mandarin. I also wrote a book so that the reading public can learn from and laugh at my many, many, mistakes.


Great blogger - s/b a great book

I've been a fan of Travis's blogs for sometime. He writes with clarity. His authentic voice shines through. And he has a great sense of humor. If his book is only a collection of these blogs, it will be awesome. I'm excited to read it.

David Sky from Amazon

More than a journey afar - its a story about finding meaning

I just finished this book and it was so much more than I thought it was going to be. PR went halfway across the world for more than just an experience. He went searching for something... 'a missing piece'. And while I doubt he found what he was searching for, I so enjoyed the story of his journey.
At times funny, at times sad... PR's late gap year story flows well and grips the reader in this quest.
There were a few instances where I thought PR sounded whiny.... in my mind, maybe self-absorbed. But, these instances were few and far between and I was able to get past that with PR's everyday life stories in adapting to a completely different way of life.
I'd recommend this book to anybody who's considering anything of this magnitude, who's looking for something... perhaps not easily named, but readily familiar, to anybody who's questioned the meaning of life.
Good job PR.

dsky227 from Amazon

Candid and engaging

A candid tale of a young man whose high hopes collided with reality. The author doesn't strike me as whiny, just disappointed. Written well enough to keep your interest, and funny at times, as when he describes his misadventures in dining and dating in a foreign land.

Mary from Amazon


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