Etched Upon My Heart

By Bernetta Thorne-Williams


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Etched Upon My Heart intertwines a historical romance with a contemporary storyline to craft a love story that transcends race, time and even death. The opening scene is set in a quaint Moravian settlement in Salem, North Carolina during the post-Civil War era. Those who reside in Salem work and live as equals. The story focuses on the love triangle of Christine, an African American, and her two white love interests, Dr. Julian Alexander and Richard Bishop. Christine is a talented and compassionate nurse who unwisely marries Richard before recognizing true love. Her marriage devastates Julian. From there, events take us to our Nation’s Capital in the aftermath of the Civil War. Reconstruction is slow and lives are torn apart. The core difference between Christine and Richard become apparent and is magnified by their cultural and racial differences. Our star-crossed lovers, Christine and Julian, are reunited briefly and a pledge is made.


Then the story leaps over a hundred and seventy years to the present day where the reader is introduced to Skyler Reynolds, an executive with WTB, a syndicated television station and a descendant of Christine. Skyler is the acting station manager until a new station manager, Julian Alexander who is a descendant of Dr. Julien Alexander, is hired for the coveted position. Sparks fly as Skyler, with her fiery disposition, pulls no punches when dealing with her new boss. Despite clashing with one another, the two find themselves drawn to each other. Is it merely a physical attraction or was their meeting destined on the day that they were born?


Julian, a confirmed bachelor, feels drawn to Skyler. His desire to unravel their mutual attraction leads him on a journey of self-discovery, past deceptions and unfulfilled promises. A series of miscommunications causes a rift in their turbulent relationship. Will fate lend them a helping hand?

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