The Taking (Tales of Malstria, Book 1)


By Traci Robison


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A girl on the cusp of womanhood, Amarys of Rensweald wants to live without limits. Three generations have passed since the knight LeMerle carved out his realm, and legends of his atrocities during the Norman Conquest have grown in the years between.When his castle becomes Amarys’ home, LeMerle’s dark presence begins haunting and tempting her. Amarys struggles to make the right choices, but when love gnashes her, she craves only revenge. Can she overcome the monster she is unleashing?


Dark and Mysterious

Dark and mysterious, I couldn't put this book down! Laced with so many vividly details, I felt like I'd been transported to medieval England but it was the books undercurrent of supernatural components which kept me reading through the night. It's nice to find a character driven plot and even nicer to find an author not afraid to challenge the 'typical plot arch".

Lila from Amazon

I couldn't stop reading...

I love how the author used visual details but also was equally vague so that each reader has a unique experience and can draw our own conclusion about areas of the plot. I was excited to share the book with my daughter but was glad I read it before hand because while the message is good for young girls, there are a few scenes not suited for children under seventeen. I enjoyed this book and am very glad I purchased it.

Holly from Amazon

The Taking

Ever love to hate your favorite characters? From Dorian Gray, to Mr Collins, to Heathcliff.......a great piece of literature sometimes has us utterly squirming with delight as we turn one page to the next. THE TAKING by Traci Robison is no different. With a fresh voice Traci weaves a tale imbued with love, mystery, deception, and hate all wrapped up in a tale with characters that are ripe with complexity of emotion. The plot will keep you guessing to the end where it comes to a climactic conclusion.

Gayle from Amazon

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